The ARPA Computer & Technology Group Committee decided that the following topics will be open for discussion:


Mar 2022 Photography: editing, storage /

                 backup & smartphones vs

                 traditional camera photos

Feb 2022 World of Linux Computing

Jan 2022  No Meeting

+++++++++ Year 2021 +++++++++

Dec 2021 Christmas Breakup Party

                  Lockley Hotel

Nov 2021 No Meeting

                  Unavailability of two

                  committee members

Oct 2021  AGM 2021

                  60 Minutes Australia

                  THE WORLD IS AT WAR

Sep 2021 No Meeting

                  Unavailability of three

                  committee members

Aug 2021 Cloud Storage, uses,

                  limitations costs & options

                  Blue Mouse Computers


Jul 2021  Aircraft Black Box Recorder

                 for RAAF

                 Antarctic UFO

                 Q & A, Open forum from floor

Jun 2021 Club Admin

                  Microsoft Excel Tutorial

                  Mirror phone screen to Laptop

                  Q & A, Open forum from floor

May 2021 No Meeting

                  Unavailability of three

                  committee members 

Apr 2021 Due to a lack of member

                 attendees the meeting was

                 postponed until June 2021

                 Topics agenda was:

                 Club Admin

                 Microsoft Excel Tutorial

                 Mirror phone screen to


                 Q & A, Open forum from


Mar 2021 Club Admin, Printers &

                  Video calls

                  Q & A, Open forum from


Feb 2021 How to Stay Safe Online and

                  Negotiate Social Media

Jan 2021  No Meeting

                  ARPA Computer Group

                  in recess


+++++++++ Year 2020 +++++++++

Dec 2020 No Meeting

                 ARPA Computer Group

                 in recess

Nov 2020 No Meeting

                 ARPA Computer Group

                 in recess

Oct  2020 AGM 2020

                 Create Photo Collage using

                 Microsoft Publisher

Sep 2020 Future of ARPA Computer


                 Open forum from the floor

Aug 2020 No Meeting

                 COVID-19 pandemic

Jul 2020  No Meeting

                COVID-19 pandemic

Jun 2020  No meeting

                 COVID-19 pandemic

May 2020  No meeting

                  COVID-19 pandemic

Apr 2020  No meeting

                 COVID-19 pandemic

Mar 2020  Open Forum from the Floor

                  Partition Issues

Feb 2020  Change Disk Partition


                  Q&A and Hints & Tips

Jan 2020  No meeting

+++++++++ Year 2019 +++++++++

Dec 2019  Christmas Breakup Party

                  Lockley Hotel

Nov 2019  Digital Services available at

                  Your Local Library

                  Q&A and Hints & Tips

Oct 2019  Rejuvenate Your Old Laptop

                  Q&A and Hints & Tips

Sep 2019  MP4 Video files downloaded

                  with WinX & YouTube


Aug 2019  Dash Cam Video Demo

                  Tips and Tricks, Q&A

Jul  2019  AGM & two short topics 

Jun 2019 ARPA Computer Group Future

                 Tip and Tricks

                  Information for Seniors

May 2019 Meteorology - Max Adelaide

                 Temperature forecasting

                 Online Purchasing &Shopping

                 Tips and Tricks

                 ARPA Computer Group Future

Apr 2019 Searching the Internet

                 Future of ARPA Computer


Mar 2019 No meeting

Feb 2019 No meeting

+++++++++ Year 2018 +++++++++

Dec 2018 Gizmos and Gadgets, Quiz 

                  and Breakup Party

Nov 2018 Scams, virus protection

                 and hardware

Oct 2018  Mailwash and Connectors

Sep 2018 Ewaste recycling and Q&A

Aug 2018 Q&A and How to Interface New

                  Peripherals with Windows 10

                  Old to New 

Jul  2018  AGM and Q&A

Jun 2018 Some Interesting & Useful Apps

                 Group Participation

May 2018 Things That You Think You

                  Need to Know About

                  Windows 10, but !!

Apr 2018 Travel IT and Adelaide Metro

Mar 2018 WiFi & Modems and Q&A

Feb 2018 Downloading Music,

                 Chromecast and Q&A

+++++++++ Year 2017 +++++++++

Dec 2017 Christmas of Things, Quiz &

                  Breakup Party

Nov 2017 Adelaide City Library - Digital

                  Hub Group

Oct  2017 Digital Photos and Editing

Sep 2017 YouTube

Aug 2017 Home Security

Jul   2017 AGM

Jun  2017 Backing Up, Hints,

                  Auction/Giveaways, Fun

May 2017 Future of Computing

Apr 2017  Installing the NBN

                  Problems and Remedies

Mar 2017 Smart House Technology

                 Question and Answers

Feb 2017 Considerations when replacing

                  a Printer / Scanner / Copier

Jan 2017 Internet and E-Mail


While every attempt will be made to keep to the above topics, any and/or all are subject to change at very short or no notice.


If you have any topics that you would like to have open for discussion, please notify a Committee Member and we will discuss placing it on the agenda at the next Committee Meeting.