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ARPA Computer & Technology Group meets on the third Friday of the month at 10:30am for a 11:00am start, at the Mile End Church of Christ Hall, 2 Danby Street Torrensville, South Australia 5031.

The group is dedicated to helping members to learn and enjoy computers, including desktops, laptops, tablets, ipads, smartwatches, apple and android smartphones. We also assist members understand technologies that interface to a computer system either through direct cable connection, network systems or  wireless connections. Discussion om operating systems for Laptops, Windows 10 & 11, MacOS and Linux. For smartphones topics cover Andriod and IOS6 -15 operating systems. As a self-help group, we hold demonstrations on various computer programs, equipment, and the correct operating and maintenance of computers and tablets for members of ARPA.

No annual membership fee is currently charged but a door fee of $5 per member and visitor are levied for each meeting attended. New Members and Visitors are most welcome.

ARPA Computer Group is an activity of ARPA Active Over 50s and all members of the Computer Group must also be members of ARPA Active Over 50s.


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26 January 2022






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